Mar. 18th, 2013

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For all sections in this series, check out this post. I recommend reading them in order, but if you want to go straight to a particular concept, you can use the Table of Contents to find the right post.

Step Two: Recapturing the Magic

If it weren't for Holly Lisle's course, I'd never have thought of this step explicitly, but I've found that it is, in many ways, one of the most important and useful steps.

Before you even pick up your book to read it again (and just as a note, you should have let the book rest for at least a few weeks - or a few months - before you begin the editing process) you should take a sheet of notepaper and write down what you wanted to get out of the story before you put pen to paper.

Write down the idea that first sparked the novel inside you, and the kind of book you wanted to write. Write down the sort of character you wanted your main character to be. Write down what kind of story you originally wanted to tell.

This will help to focus you on the kind of story you wanted to tell, the kinds of things that excited you about the story, and help you to reach the end goal of bringing this novel as close as possible to the novel you want it to be.


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