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It's the new year, and as promised, the Motivation Module for the course is nearly finished. This course (and the ones that will follow) is designed by fandom writers in mind, for people who want to break into professional writing. What I need next is two beta readers. I'm giving one one week of warning, because this is somewhat of a big deal. So if you're interested in this, please read this post carefully.

What's in it for you:

1. A FREE copy of the course to keep. If I make any changes due to your feedback, then you'll get the updated version automatically.
2. Full access to me until you're done the course, to answer any questions you have and help you get through the course. I commit to answer all your questions and coach you, even if it's not specifically about motivation, free of charge.

What you give me in return:

An absolute commitment to read the module, do ALL of the exercises, and give me a detailed play-by-play of what worked for you, and didn't work for you, and to do all this definitely by the end of February.

I'm serious. If you can't commit to this, then I feel it would be unfair of you to get a free copy of the course. If you know that life is probably going to be too busy for you to really, honestly commit, then please just wait for the course to come out properly. It's not fair to me and not fair to your fellow course-takers (who would have to wait for me to find another beta reader).

So what are you committing to, really? The course is not very long (about 30 pages, with 10 short exercises) , so I expect that most people could get it done in a couple of hours. The timeline I've set is totally doable. But I know that people can be flakey and that life intervenes. If your life does implode after you are selected, I have no problems with working with you and giving an extension. All I ask for is honesty, and to communicate with me.

Also, if you do well with this one, you will be shortlisted to beta future courses as well.

So how do I get to do this, anyway?

I decided to give everyone advanced warning, so you can look at your schedule, decide what you want to do, and also prepare, because this is going to require a teeny bit of work.

On January 18, 2014, I will open up submissions. If you want to be a beta reader, you will simply have to send me a couple of paragraphs by email, telling me who you are, and why you should be selected as a beta reader for the Motivation course. The submission window will close on January 20, 2014.

If you have any questions, go ahead and send me a PM or ask in the comments. I'll do my best to answer questions as quickly as possible.
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I've closed the survey (or rather, I would if I could figure out how. Anyway, officially it's considered closed, though you can still take it, I guess) and I'm totally blown away by all the responses.

I have a lot going on the next couple of days, but I just wanted to let people know that:
a) You can still join the mailing lit for updates and free stuff as I get organized, and,
b) Cool stuff is coming.

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Just a reminder that my survey for fiction writers who want to write original fiction is going to be closed tomorrow!

I've had a great turnout. Honestly, the answers are really giving me a tonne to think about. Though I think quite a few people may have missed the link to join the mailing list as well. That's right here.

I'll be doing some follow-ups on the mailing list over the next week, so if you want to take part in helping me make the course as good as it can be - not to mention getting free stuff - follow that latter link, even if you haven't taken the survey.
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It's been 24 hours since I announced the survey and I've already had over 20 responses. I'm gathering some really helpful data already, and I'm hoping to get a bunch more responses before I close the survey.

In order to do the analysis and get started on developing course material, I'm going to have to put a deadline on the survey. I've decided to give it a week, so the survey will be closed to responses on October 20th.

If you're interested, please go here and fill out the survey, and don't forget to sign up for the mailing list so you don't miss the course when it's done!


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