jessicasteiner: (Procrastination)
Jessica Steiner ([personal profile] jessicasteiner) wrote2016-02-05 05:30 pm

Productive Procrastination

I've spent the week working on creating a wiki with all of the information about my Geek Club series - character profiles and worldbuilding information.

I've been using Scrivener to hold it all as I work on turning my new outline into a new draft of the first novel, but there is an ever-increasing amount of pages of information and it was just getting really unwieldy. I think the ability of a wiki to hyperlink different pages and cross-reference (as well as being able to add tags to pages) will be very invaluable going forward. Particularly if the novel actually does sell and turn into the kind of lengthy series that I want it to be.

It's been a time-consuming project, but I think a valuable one. The concept, world-building, and plot of this novel has gone through a number of complete redevelopments over the years. I'm using this process to also harmonize my notes into the most recent version, and clearing out all old notes that don't go with the current incarnation of the series.

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