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Jessica Steiner ([personal profile] jessicasteiner) wrote2016-01-08 02:43 pm
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Writing Update

Been a while again, but I've been working on making to-do lists and having reminders, to keep me on track, so I think things will continue to improve.

I did submit my novel to the agent who'd requested a full manuscript, but she declined it. I got some nice feedback, though I generally disagree with it, so I've continued to submit. I've got an account with Duotrope, which is a pretty great site that helps you to organize submissions and find editors and agents who are seeking submissions. I'm pretty excited about it!

As I transition to my new job, the biggest thing I'm trying to do is reduce my workload at work. I'm hoping that doing that will help me to stay on track with writing. The other option I"m considering is just basically giving up on writing new drafting words in the evening, focus on setting time aside for that on weekends, and work on things like notes, editing, and that sort of thing on weekdays. I understand Kameron Hurley has a schedule rather like that, and she's putting out like 6 books a year, so that might work better.

Anyway! Lots of thoughts.

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