jessicasteiner: (Procrastination)
Jessica Steiner ([personal profile] jessicasteiner) wrote2013-09-18 07:27 am

Happy Birthday to me! (And You)

I reached a new milestone in my edit of OtherWhere. I finally got through the agonizing process of identifying things I want to change, ensuring that everything is going to be consistent throughout the course of the novel, and that no important plot threads were dropped, and can finally move on to actually making changes to my manuscript.

I got so excited, I decided to run a sale.

So now if you click this link and sign up for my mailing list before November 8th (which is my birthday!) you'll get a coupon for 40% off of my first novel, Mortis Unbound. The coupon will allow you to get Mortis Unbound in any ebook format, from .mobi to .epub to .pdf, and it'll be good until Christmas.

The mailing list is totally non-spammy. I only post to it when there's a new story coming out or special offer I think my readers would really like to know about. The only way you can learn about stories written under my pseudonym, is by being a part of my mailing list, and I release stories about once every other month.

Go ahead and head over here and join my list!

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