jessicasteiner: (Solitaire)
Jessica Steiner ([personal profile] jessicasteiner) wrote2013-03-01 10:16 pm
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Mailing lists are fun so...sign up.

I was going to write a substantive post, like a review or maybe a rant about something that's been bugging me. But I'm way too tired, so instead I'm going to mention that I spent most of the evening creating a mailing list.

99% of the time I spent on it was spent creating the header image and playing with colours. Wheeeeeeee.......

It's probably going to be the quietest mailing list ever. Basically, if you're interested in finding out when I put out a new novel without having to stalk my blog or obsessively f5 my Amazon page, go ahead and sign up!

I promise not to spam you, because spammers suck.

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