jessicasteiner: (Fangirl Moment)
Jessica Steiner ([personal profile] jessicasteiner) wrote2012-08-23 10:17 pm

Update: Mortis Unbound Now Everywhere

Well! After two days of gruelling reformatting, I have uploaded Mortis Unbound to Smashwords, which takes care of my Barnes & Noble problem (thank you [personal profile] clare_dragonfly for the tip in my last post!) as well as putting my novel in a bunch of other markets that I hadn't intended to bother with because they're relatively small. Still, nice to know it'll be there.

I actually uploaded the original file I uploaded to Amazon and Kobo, without delving into the Smashwords style guide, just to see what would happen. Just in that time three people downloaded the sample. I consider that a good recommendation for Smashwords, since I hadn't told anyone about it.

So, if you use iBookstore, Barnes & Noble, or Sony, you'll be able to find my book there within a week or so.

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