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6-day Supreme Court trial (which I totally won), and I still won NaNoWriMo with a day to spare.

I'm pretty much the most badass person I know.

Now to rest.
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I had a rather awkward conversation with a taxi driver today.

I came out as a lesbian when I was in highschool. I got together with my wife more than 14 years ago, while I was in university. I don't really care if that dates me. From the moment I decided to come out of the closet, I committed to be open and honest about my sexuality, and to answer any question I was asked. I figured that education would be the only way that I could work towards avoiding prejudice.

Over the years, it's worked pretty well. My parents were already pretty accepting of homosexuals before I came out, and quickly accepted me for who I am, though there were some pretty personal questions before I got there, and my mother spent some time very worried about my future.

I've never had a problem at any job, or in my current profession. I find that being honest and simply talking about my wife the same way I would talk about my husband if I were straight, without making a big deal about it, forces my casual acquaintances into a social position of not making a big deal out of it, as well. I've had coworkers come to me later and thank me for my attitude, saying that it made it easier for them to work through it and come to see me being with a woman as normal, because I treated it as normal.

Just as planned.

In November of last year we purchased a house and moved into a more rural town than any we had lived in before. We've met many of our neighbours, some of whom are also LGBT. It's a wonderful neighbourhood and we really love living here. Nevertheless, while it hasn't changed our behaviour, but compared to Vancouver, Chilliwack is white-washed and conservative, though they're only an hour's drive apart.

Today I had occasion to take a taxi home from the courthouse, and my driver and I got to talking. I mentioned my wife, and the driver hastened to mention that her roommate was trans* and going to be going through sexual reassignment surgery, and furthermore that while "some people" might be taken aback by me mentioning that I had a wife, she didn't have a problem with it. "Oh good," I said.

Then she asked me if she could ask a personal question. She asked me "How do you know which one of you is the husband, and which one is the wife?"

"We're both the wife," I said. "Oh," she said. "That makes sense."

I didn't know people really wondered about that.

I feel good that I had the opportunity to talk to that woman and answer her question. I hope that it made some small difference for herself in accepting and overcoming those last vestiges of homophobia.

If you have any similar stories, I'd love to hear them.
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The house hunt continues. The seller of the house we wanted decided not to sell at all. I'm pretty disappointed. I think it's sort of dickish to waste someone's time like that - all in all, I spent several hours going through the house, researching, discussing with family, going back to the house, and then writing up the offer - only to learn he'd already decided not to sell his house at all.

But life goes on, and I'm sure when we get back from our trip next week, we'll find something we like just as much. And we're pretty comfortable where we are. At least the rent is cheap and we have enough space to stretch out.

In better news, I had a two and a half hour conversation with my editor today. She's finished going through my manuscript and given me all of her notes. Some of them are substantive issues, others were copyediting things, and others were just things she wasn't sure about, which I can fix with a bit of rewording for clarity.

I learned a lot, and there wasn't anything that made me cry, so I'd say this was a success!

Nothing that she said will require a major rewrite. I'll need to fiddle around with some description and rework some character development. With the comments she'd made, I don't think I'll be needing to do a full copy edit, and I'm hoping to get a friend of mine to do the proofread.

The biggest change is going to be my title. She doesn't like The Sleeping Death, and frankly, neither do I. She had a few suggestions, but I need to check a few things before I make a final decision.

Just as a note, I haven't given a proper shoutout to my editor, so I want to do that, now. She's Marie-Lynn Hammond, a singer/songwriter and experienced editor. She's done a wonderful job, and is fair, knowledgeable, and was a joy to work with. I'll definitely be contacting her again for my next manuscript.
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I'm not entirely certain how long it's been since I last updated, but I should probably give a reason for my recent radio silence.

I haven't been writing, or even at my computer for the last week. I've basically been out until 9 pm most nights, coming home and crashing in front of Netflix (we've been watching Breakout Kings and Lie to Me), then sleeping, working, and doing it again.

In other words, we're house hunting.

But we put in an offer this morning, so hopefully things will be cooling off soon... Crossing my fingers.

Death Flu

Apr. 13th, 2012 05:07 pm
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Ugh, after a good run of about two weeks, I caught a nasty flu and also had the week from hell at my day job. I'm now wrapped up and playing video games, and hoping that I'll magically wake up less sick tomorrow than I am now.

So that's the reason for my sudden radio silence. But I should have a more substantive post later today or tomorrow.


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