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Hey everyone! I just wanted to let you all know that Smashwords is running a promotion this week. All of my stories are at least 50% off - most of them are free! If you were thinking about checking out my books but hadn't gotten around to it yet, now is a great time to do it.

You can see my books here:
Books under my own name
Books under my pseudonym

Even if you're not interested in my books, I highly encourage you to look into the promotion. There's a full catalogue of the authors who are participating in the promotion, which can be found here.

Happy browsing!
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So I know I said I wouldn't be mentioning this again, but I learned a few things on this first foray into the world of pen names. I thought people could benefit from it.

Yesterday I uploaded my story to all three of my distributors - Amazon, Kobo, and Smashwords.

Both Amazon and Kobo weren't a problem at all. They have a place for putting in the author's name, and my two books are now sitting on my respective dashboards, separated out by author name, but otherwise fully integrated.

Smashwords doesn't have a field for this. When I uploaded the file, it popped up under my real name and I couldn't find any way to change it. This is... a problem.

I've emailed them to ask for help and I'm still waiting to hear back. I'll let you guys know how that goes.

I figure if they simply don't support multiple author names, I'll have to create a separate account. The problem there, is that it will add yet another place where sales are accumulating, and further delay my payday. Furthermore, it increases the number of places I need to log in to check my sales and such. It's annoying, but not insurmountable.

I'm out of town for the long weekend. On Monday I'll tell you how I accidentally attributed my gay erotic vampire story to an author who writes about the Amish.
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Over the last couple of months, you've likely seen me refer several times to an anthology I'm putting together, compiling all of my Grim Hunter stories. If you look back on the tags for that series, you'll see quite a bit of discussion about it.

I've been doing a lot of thinking about this. These are erotic stories, and while there's nothing illegal about them, I've recently had the ex-husband of one of my clients stalk my LinkedIn and make false reports about me to the Law Society. It's all handled, but it's made me rethink my strategy a bit.

I have a YA series in the works, and I'm also a lawyer. Silly as it may seem, some people may have issues putting this together with writing gay erotica about vampires.

So I've decided to release the Grim stories under a pseudonym. Thus, this will be the last time I talk about it in this particular blog, unless I create a new blog or website for the pseudonym. If you want to keep up with these stories and be notified when they come out (and the first of them is going to be released as a single very, very soon) please join my mailing list. The link for that is at the bottom of this post and many of the posts I make. All announcements for both Jessica Steiner and the works under the pseudonym - Suzanne Fisher - will be made there.

I'd love to hear thoughts on pseudonyms! Have you ever considered using one? Or do you use one? Why?
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After finishing the month of April, I had a string of busy days. I think I needed a little time away from the blog, but I do feel pretty good about what I accomplished this month.

I finished the A-Z Blog Challenge, while at the same time writing about 15,000 words of a "short" story. The blog posts I plan to compile into a book, so I counted those words towards my Camp NaNoWriMo goal. The story I wrote is another story in the Grim Hunter series, and will be the last, and longest, story in the anthology I plan to release of all the stories to date.

I expect to have another 5000 words or so of the Grim story, and then editing and formatting begins.

The upshot is, I'm pretty pleased with the amount I accomplished this month. For the month of May I want to keep up a regular blogging schedule, finish the Grim story, and continue editing OtherWhere. Wish me luck!
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I've been silent because, well, my internet is disconnected currently while I am in the process of moving. However! Today was designated as my posting date for [community profile] originalbigbang, so I turned my phone into an internet hub and stopped packing to get it posted.

My contribution was Grim Opera, which is the fifth story in a series of short stories I've been writing for several years. There are vampires and shape shifters and gay sex, and each of the stories riffs off of a story from classic literature. You should go read it.

The story should stand on its own no problem. I plan on publishing all five of the stories, plus some other short stories, as a collection next spring sometime. I haven't yet talked to my cover artist about that yet, and my wife may be contributing stories as well, so the project is still sort of nebulous, but that's the general shape of the plan at the moment.

As part of the Big Bang, [personal profile] astro_noms also made a mix tape to go with it. I don't have the room on my data plan to download it yet, but I'm excited to listen to it.

While I'm connected, I might as well mention: I've been snatching moments to write here and there and have accumulated 7500 words on NaNoWriMo so far this month. It's been really great, flowing well, though my time to write has been limited. I'm behind, but I feel like I can catch up no problem when I have time to do so, which will be next week...

I took yesterday off, though, despite technically having downtime in which I could have written, because it was my birthday! I celebrated by having a really good burger and fries, then going home and NOT packing, and instead marathoning downloaded episodes of Gordon Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares. Then I slept the sleep of the dead. It was a good evening.


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