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I'm nearly there! And I absolutely love this cover, by Rebecca Potter.

Check her out at her website
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EDIT I've decided after having a bunch of discussion with various artists that I won't be doing a cover art contest after all. Instead, I'll be commissioning a cover.

However! I still encourage anyone who was interested in the contest to produce something if they wish. Anything you do will definitely be featured with great fanfare and appreciation, and possibly I'll run some kind of actual contest in the future.

The Sleeping Death

In a world where all natural forces - such as heat, light, and motion - are controlled by invisible winged creatures known as vox, mages have successfully conquered death, making all humans immortal.

By chance, a journalist named Liiran discovers a winged woman sleeping in a glass coffin, buried in a long-abandoned facility in the desert. The woman, Mortis, is the vox of death.

She escapes her prison, but with no memory of what she is, Mortis goes to the only person she remembers - Liiran.

Declared a criminal and traitor merely by his knowledge of Mortis' existence, Liiran learns that his government is controlled by mages and a corrupt vox bent on taking over the world. He and Mortis are forced to flee, and are drawn into the chaos of war, meeting an enslaved vox, an independent journalist, and a pair of beautiful assassins as they fight to rescue Mortis' friends and avoid imprisonment.

Meanwhile, Liiran struggles with his confusing love for the living personification of death - and the fundamental questions of what it really means to live.

Please click here to read a sample of The Sleeping Death. I hope these chapters will inspire you to produce something wonderful.

If you produce anything that you'd like me to see, please feel free to email your artwork to me at I have Adobe Photoshop CS5, so I am able to take submissions in most formats.

Please include your name (online handles are fine) and a link to your website/blog/deviantart/tumblr/etc. in your email, and either attach your art to the email, or include a link where I may download it from a website such as photobucket.


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