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It's been a productive morning!

I set up a twitter account, which I'll primarily be using for quick writing-related status updates, boosting the signal on reviews and posts here, and for retweeting random things I enjoy. Follow me at [ profile] steiner_jessica if that link works...

Secondly, I cleared out my email and did some administrative things.

And thirdly, I finished my line edits on The Sleeping Death! What a painful process that was. I mostly was trying to focus on tightening things, getting rid of extraneous speaking tags and adverbs, especially, and it was really fiddly. I found that I couldn't really do it for very long before my concentration started to flag, so I tended to do about 2 chapters a night. For a story with almost 60 chapters, that was a slow pace.

So now I'll be sending it out to my beta readers and hopefully get their comments within a week or two. After that, it goes to my editor!

I'm looking forward to a rest from editing for a couple of weeks, to be honest. Time to focus on my [community profile] originalbigbang story, which is the fifth instalment of my Hunter Grim series, as well as getting back to The Dreaming. So it's going to be a bit of a pure writing stint for now.

Big Bang

Mar. 31st, 2012 10:36 am
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Well, ten minutes after setting up shop on Dreamwidth again, I've signed up for a writing challenge. Typical.

I've decided to do the [community profile] originalbigbang challenge, which is an original, minimum 10,000 word story by mid-September.

I've got a couple of universes that I can draw from, so I'm pretty confident I won't have any difficulty hitting my goal without it interfering with the other work I'm doing.

Right now, I figure I'll either write another instalment of my slashy vampire short story collection - the Grim Series - or play around in one of the universes I plan to turn into novels one day and use the story as an opportunity to flesh out the world and characters. Updates as they become available.


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